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Different Types Of Digital Marketing Campaigns Explained

August 20, 2020

Digital marketing is what businesses need to work on along with their core business operations. It will ensure growth and enable the business to become a household name. It’s all about adapting to new technology and launching the most appropriate, trendy, and effective digital marketing campaigns to market your brand effectively. There are various types of campaigns included in digital marketing, let’s discuss the most important ones.

Email marketing campaign

Email marketing is one of the most common and necessary campaigns for a business to reach target audiences. You just need to draft a general email that conveys your message and creates your brand’s image in the minds of the recipients of your emails who might be your future clients. Email marketing campaigns are more suitable for small businesses as compared to medium and large business organizations.

Even if some businesses don’t have a website, they can use this type of marketing campaign. They can use their Facebook page and pair it up with the email list they might already have. They are a good place to start your email marketing campaign if you have an active customer email list.

Another type of email marketing that’s effective is called drip sequence campaigns. It allows businesses to send emails automatically to their clients by doing a specific action. There is a prerequisite, however, the companies must have an active and existing email list or a customer list.

Pay per click campaign

If you have a budget for digital marketing, pay per click can be a very suitable campaign for your business. It allows your website to come to the top of the results on Google. Businesses have to pay for these ads, and therefore you need to have a more substantial pocket to go for this digital marketing campaign. Google bases these search results on particular keywords that people are searching on the internet related to your business, product, or services.

One way of competing with your competitors is to pay more to get more results. There is another option, too, if you don’t want to pay more. The use of long-tail keywords gives you better results. You get more options when you go for long-tail keywords to get the ones that are cheaper and within your budget. The most widely used format of pay per click ads is video ads that businesses use effectively and successfully.

Content marketing campaign

Content has now become a trendy way of drawing people towards your business. It can bring readers into your sales funnel, resulting in the conversion of leads generated through effective and appealing content. If a business has a strong content marketing strategy that includes educating the clients and advertising your brand, the results can be conducive.

There is a wide variety of content types from which you may choose the one that best suits your brand image, product, or which phase of marketing you are in. You can select from blogs, social media posts, infographics, videos, and much more. Using the right keywords, in the right quantity, and at the right places in the content, is the key to achieve desirable results from your content marketing campaign.

Social media marketing campaign

No business can plan on becoming popular among masses without an active, productive, and well-thought-of social media marketing campaign. Social media is a place where most people around the world spend hours daily. They cannot miss your brand if you are actively updating your profile with new posts, engaging content, and valuable information.

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