Critical Reasons Why Your Business Website Should Be Responsive

Critical Reasons Why Your Business Website Should Be Responsive

November 21, 2017

It is no longer a surprise that mobile usage has reached an unprecedented level. This is a mobile-first era where more than 50% of web traffic comes from mobile and other hand-held devices. With this stratospheric rise in mobile usage, your online marketing efforts will go down the drain if your business website does not respond well to its environment. One quick way to make your website respond and adjust to different screen resolutions is to use a responsive website design. Responsive sites are fluid which means they allow content to fill an allotted space and move freely across all devices while retaining its appearance.

What is really a responsive website design? One Important thing to remember is that a mobile-friendly site and a responsive site are two different concepts. A mobile-friendly site works fine on a mobile device but might show discrepancies when visited on a screen with a higher resolution. While responsive website design enables a site to adapt to its environment and run perfectly fine across all devices. Following are some of the critical reasons why your business website should be responsive:

Excellent user experience

Responsive web design is an approach to developing a site in such a way that it delivers optimal viewing experience across a diverse range of devices. A visitor is likely to leave your site instantly if it is not responsive and hard to navigate. Responsive web design makes your site easy to read and navigate resulting in improved user experience with better conversion rate. Therefore, we can say that responsive web design is critical to positive user experience.

Low bounce rate

The time a user spends on your site is directly related to the quality of experience you deliver. Refining your web presence with responsive design can certainly help you decrease your website’s bounce rate. A responsive design will empower you to adjust content in a way that is device friendly and clean.

It makes social sharing easy

A poorly optimized site will find it difficult to convince its users to navigate social sharing buttons designed for purely desktop use. One of the qualities of responsive web design is that it makes easy for users to share your content on social media. Social sharing is an important factor when it comes to building an online community. Improved social visibility will get you on the radar of your prospects, customers, and partners. Therefore, give your business site special attention and make it a memorable and pleasant experience for your audience.

Responsive design boost your SEO

Irrespective of your industry, responsive design will bring dramatic improvements in your SEO efforts. Google rewards those sites that perform well in serving its users. In other words, Google favors those sites that are optimized for people using a variety of devices. The usability, speed, and user experience are some of the important factors that determine the success of your SEO endeavors.

Easy to track

It is very important to keep track of traffic and how users interact with your site so that you can make necessary improvements. Having multiple versions of a site makes it difficult to track users’ journey. On the other hand, a single responsive site streamlines the monitoring process and makes it easy for you to analyze and improve the performance of your content on various devices.

Make sure that your site appears equally attractive on desktops, smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. and, by doing so, enable your visitors to consume content on your site through the device of their choice. Conclusively speaking, a responsive business site will help you attract, convert and retain more customers effectively while saving you money and maintenance time.

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