How to Create A Useful Social Media Marketing Conversion Funnel

How to Create A Useful Social Media Marketing Conversion Funnel

July 29, 2020

Social media marketing is one of the most vital elements of the digital marketing strategy of your business. Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and others can significantly help you reach your target audience. The increased social presence can yield long-term results for your business, like enhanced client awareness and improved relationships between you and your customers.

The increased availability of different social media services also make it difficult to attract your potential clients’ attention. Many businesses are now finding it difficult to achieve their sales targets within a stipulated time frame and require a lot more than just having influential salesmanship. A social media marketing funnel is an effective solution that will allow you to build a strategic process to convert leads successfully.

Marketing Funnel

Marketing funnel refers to the overall clients’ journey from when they become aware of your products or services until they make a final purchase. A typical social media marketing funnel also includes a final stage at which your client becomes a true advocate of your brand. Overall, a sales funnel is a fundamental framework of a client journey resulting in a sale and extended brand advocacy.

There are commonly five phases of a typical social media marketing funnel that apply to most of the business:

  • Awareness – Attracting potential customers who are currently unaware of your brand by offering a viable solution to a common problem
  • Consideration – Catching your target audience’s eye with detailed information and content so that they remember your brand
  • Action – Convincing your new audience to make a purchase from your business with trustworthy and superior customer service
  • Engagement – Engaging your new clients using various social media channels after they have purchased product reviews and feedback
  • Advocacy – Building a trusting relationship with your customers so that they would want to recommend your product or service to others

Create Brand Awareness With Engaging And Relevant Content

The very first step is to create business awareness by introducing your brand to a variety of audiences using social media. Your target audience will recognize your brand as trustworthy and legitimate when you provide relevant information to them. This includes ensuring your audience with contact information, call to actions, and plenty of other engaging content. It would help if you created a social media profile with many activities and visuals to make an enduring first impression on your potential customers.

You need to regularly publish engaging content on your social profiles to make it increasingly appealing to your audience. You should use social media features such as status posting, image, and video sharing, and Facebook and Instagram live updates. Apart from that, it’s vital that you know about the currently popular content.

Understanding social media algorithms is a plus to making the most of individual social media channel efforts. You can significantly increase your engagement with your online audience by providing them with the right content at the right time. You can also utilize paid adverts like pay-per-click ads and sponsored posts on Facebook to bring online traffic to your website.

Maintain Interests And Develop Prospects Through Increased Brand-Trust

At this stage of the sales funnel, you should try to maintain your leads’ interests and develop their desire toward purchase. Here, it would help if you displayed your eagerness to deliver a positive customer experience. This is because clients are more likely to purchase products from a brand that appears to be increasingly trustworthy, coupled with excellent client service.

Convert Prospects Into Clients And Promote Brand Loyalty

Your potential customers are looking for incentives before committing to perform a sales inquiry or make a final purchase at this particular stage of the social media marketing funnel. Here, clients are usually looking for answers to their queries or concerns about their purchases. It’s vital to build and maintain a relationship of mutual trust and respect with your customers via timely and empathetic interactions.

After successful sales, engage and interact with your clients regularly using your social media profiles to encourage brand loyalty. Also, use your content marketing strategy and share engaging and relatable content to catch your client’s attention.

Finally, maintain positive relationships with your customers either by asking them about their experience with newly purchased products or prompting them to leave a product review. You can utilize this experience to target clients with offerings that will supplement their purchases. This will, in turn, promote repeated purchase patterns and create a strong referral base that emphasizes increased trust in your brand.

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