Create Branded Stories with Twitter "Moments"

Create Branded Stories with Twitter “Moments”

December 8, 2015


Twitter’s Project Lightening has started to take shape. Released in October 2015, the feature has already got many users hooked. It would allow users to be part of real-time discussions about all the major breaking news, ideas and incidents. Twitter offers a new way to discuss events, natural disasters and issues – called Moments. Find later in this post, how businesses can benefit from this functionality.

Currently, only the USA residents can revel in the Moments feature.  The Moments option appears next to the Home option on the top of Twitter page. Moments is also accessible through mobile phones.  Soon it will be introduced to other regions of the world.


Your topic collection shows up in the Moments tab. As you enter into the topic, all latest tweets, vines and other related content appear before you.

Any item within a topic can be retweeted and favourited just like the normal twitter feed.


Moments are updated in real time, allowing twitter users to stay up to date with what has changed in a topic. As the story or event progresses, Moments provide the best amazing coverage. A blue dot represents a new story. Follow the Moment if you find it inspiring. You’ll be able to see the tweets in your feed until that topic expires.

Breaking news content is updated by a team of twitter editors in real time 24 hours a day. Topics are purged from the unnecessary used of hashtags added by users with unrelated posts. This ensures that you are obtaining quality and most relevant story about the most important topics.


Business can create Promoted Moment to tell their story. The Moments option presents an opportunity for businesses to create branded stories and connect to their customers and target audiences. Twitter plans to incorporate a dedicated property in the Moments where businesses can use a chain of various tweets and periscope videos to speak their brand story.


  • Your initiated moment topic should exhibit a distinct standpoint.
  • Lookout for the likelihood of its going viral.
  • Post in right time
  • Take advantage of photos
  • Avoid misleading items, biased and inaccurate information for long term followership.

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