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Choosing A New Digital Marketing Channel

April 3, 2020

Strategic digital marketing requires multiple platforms or channels, where a company or brand can represent itself and even advertise their products or services. But it wouldn’t be smart to just spend money without even considering the return-on-investment (ROI). In order to get maximum benefits by entering a new channel, it would be best to have a well thought out plan first. This way you can integrate the new channel with your strategic digital marketing strategy. As you plan for the new channel, we will give you some basic tips so you can have a head start against your competition.

Target Audience

The most essential ingredient of any successful marketing strategy is keeping the focus on your target audience. All you do must be for the betterment of your target audience. Companies often resort to investing in a large number of digital platforms to increase brand awareness. At first glance, investment in digital platforms may seem attractive. Because others have succeeded with this. Further, your competitors make use of them as well. Or you might try them out simply because it’s fashionable. But we must always reflect very carefully on exaggerated trends.

Reach First recommends that you take into account the company’s digital strategy, and especially think about where your customers really are before launching into new channels.

With a complete channel strategy, you can prioritize your business efforts in the different customer-oriented contact points and focus on the efforts and channels that create the most value for your customers and for your own business. Therefore, think about the audience and the strategy before the channel.

Metrics Are Important

To get the most out of a company’s online business potential, it’s important to find the right balance between investments in channels and advertising measured according to the value of production. It requires continuous monitoring and maintenance of your activities, and you must quickly optimize or completely stop those actions if you have a negative ROI.

Focusing efforts implies designating relevant marketing metrics. It’s important to pay special attention to performance and the establishment of objectives, which are relevant to your particular brand.

Content Integration

When the channel strategy is correct, and the relevant metrics have been established, it is time to develop a real content plan for the selected digital platforms. A typical mistake is that content creation is done on an ad hoc basis, without a well-defined plan that can ensure the effectiveness of the effort. Instead, content becomes a specific medium without thinking of an integrated content strategy.

Companies should not think of digital platforms as singular channels, but rather they are different platforms where content can live in many channels simultaneously. You can benefit from the development of a content strategy, where all the content of your brand meets so that each newsletter, blog and guide can be shared several times in alternate channels and formats. In this way, you’ll make the most of your resources and reach your full potential by entering multiple digital channels.

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