3 Ways To Market Your Startup Business With A Small Budget

3 Ways To Market Your Startup Business With A Small Budget

September 24, 2020

“You must spend money to make money” is a common phrase used in the business world, and there are many reasons why. But what if you have a limited or small budget?

Having a limited budget is a common problem that many startups around the world face. It doesn’t matter if your business is offering great products and services, and even if you have two or more customers already — marketing will still play a key role in your business’s success.

Marketing allows you to grow your customer base, so in the end, you have enough customers to nurture your startup and fuel its growth. No matter how much you’d like to spend on marketing projects for your business, you could have only a small budget to do it with.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great ways in the digital age that can help you grow your startup with a small budget. As digital marketing experts, below, we mention some of the best tricks you can use to market your business.

Optimize Your Website

The first thing you need when setting up your new business is a website. Your website is like your storefront and should be treated as a brick and mortar building because, in the digital age, it is one of the very few ways your potential customers will visit your business.

In other words, your customers should be treated as if they are visiting your brick and mortar store. For example, if people want to check out your website, you don’t want them to wait to enter or struggle to find what they’re looking for; instead, you want them to quickly and easily access anything they want.

Furthermore, make sure your website makes a great first impression because it will be the place where all of the digital marketing efforts will drive your customers.

Become Discoverable On Social Media

Becoming discoverable on the internet is the simplest way to get your brand seen, heard, and talked about. This should also be the first thing you ought to be doing right after you have your business plan in place. You can quickly become discoverable on the internet by creating your social media profiles.

Setting up Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter profiles are a great and free way to market your startup. Customers may look at you on social media to get more information about your brand, special promotions, customer service, and your latest products.

You can efficiently market your startup by posting engaging posts once a week, inviting your friends to share your content, and following your followers’ friends to encourage them to follow you back on your page. You can also encourage people to follow you by running a small competition and boosting your brand awareness.

Build Your Mailing List

If you don’t already have a mailing list, it is never too late to start making one. Creating a list of email subscribers can help you target your potential customers with email marketing.

The best way to build your mailing list is by incorporating the call-to-action buttons in your content, encouraging users to subscribe or sign up. For example, many businesses practice ‘Sign up for Coupon Offers’ for new customers, urging them to subscribe to your blogs and newsletters. Once you have the list, you can reward subscribers with announcements about new products and special subscriber only offers.

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