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CLAIM YOUR $15,000
Digital Transformation Grant Now!


About The Canadian Digital Adoption Program


With the emergence of new digital technologies and the ever-evolving technological sphere, business and marketing landscapes have completely been altered. Hence, the chances of survival for businesses that fail to adapt to this digital transformation are very slim. In order to assist small businesses that are lagging behind in terms of their digital strategy due to a lack of funding, the Government of Canada has announced the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) worth $4 billion as part of the 2021 federal budget. Through this digital transformation grant, the government seeks to provide about 160,000 SMEs a much-needed boost to accelerate in the current digital economy.

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Eligibility Criteria For The CDAP

(Boost Your Business Technology Grant)


Canadian Corporation*




Annual Revenue**

1 - 499

Full-Time Employees

  • *The company must have a BN
  • **The revenue in any of the three years preceding the application must be 500k+
  • You may also confirm your eligibility for the ‘Boost Your Business Technology' grant here.
  • Note: Franchises and large corporations are not eligible for the CDAP grant.

How To Procure The CDAP Grant

Once you have confirmed your eligibility for the CDAP program, you may easily apply for a digitization grant. When you accept our invitation to hire Reach First as your digital advisor, we will draft the perfect Digital Adoption Plan for you to submit to the CDAP site. Upon the plan's approval, the government will provide you with a digital transformation grant to cater to 90% of the total cost of our services (up to $15,000).

Let Us Walk You Through The Phases That Will Lead To Your Success:


Phase One

Eligibility & Business Needs Analysis

Get in touch with us to affirm your business's eligibility for the CDAP grant and to identify the best way to obtain it. Our seasoned and highly-qualified marketing and finance experts will carefully analyze your business's digital needs and point out areas of shortcomings.


Phase Two

Initial Application & DNA

The initial application process is quite straightforward, simply provide some basic information regarding your business on the official CDAP and you are good to go. You will be requested to fill in a Digital Needs Assessment form to assess your business's digital readiness. The DNA tool will then generate an automated report summarizing your company's digital maturity.


Phase Three

Hiring A Digital Advisor

Once you have obtained access to CDAPs Digital Advisor Marketplace, select Reach First as your Digital Advisor and then sign the contract we send to you.


Phase Four

Digital Adoption Plan

With the help of our initial analysis and the upcoming scrutinization of the next six months, we will draft the perfect Digital Adoption Plan to precisely meet your business's digital needs and overcome any prevailing shortcomings. The plan will feature three valuable solutions to increase your businesses digital footprint and give it the boost it requires.


Phase Five

Final Round

Lastly, simply submit your plan to the government and await its approval. Following the plan's approval, you will receive the grant and use it to pay us.

That's Not All!

On top of the digitization grant, businesses will also enjoy these benefits through the CDAP:

0% Interest BDC Loan Of $100k

The government is well aware that businesses might not have the necessary funds to execute the recommendations of the Adoption Plan. Thus, businesses will also have the choice to advance a loan of $100k from BDC at 0% interest.

Funded Work Placement

Businesses will also have the opportunity to secure a wage subsidy of $7,300 to hire the best talent to undertake their digital transformation plan.

Why Choose Reach First?

From humble beginnings in 2008, Reach First grew into one of the most reputed marketing agencies in Edmonton in the past decade. Reach First takes pride in its team of passionate individuals, professionals, and visionaries that have teamed up to assist you to succeed in your business. We have the resources, the enthusiasm, and the drive to turn every project we undertake into a memorable success tale.

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