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Case Study | COVEROC


Coveroc is Canada based manufactures of top-quality workwear. It produces safety garments, summer/winter wear, and provides embroidery and silk screening services for Canadian customers.

Previously known as Wild Rose Garments, Coveroc sought to rebrand itself and create a digital presence in line with the customer’s taste and lifestyle. We collaborated with them on selecting a brand name, creating logo, redesigning the website, as well launching a digital marketing program to promote and strengthen the brand’s new positioning and online presence.


From the initial insight of the product line and targeted consumers, it was clear that our client needed to reposition their existing brand (Wild Rose Garments) to cater to a new, high end market segment. They were looking to reposition themselves as a lifestyle brand. We suggested Coveroc to be the new brand name as it was along the lines of their core product values and proposed benefits. Rock symbolizes strength, resistance and toughness which were the main attributes they wanted their customers should see in their safety brands. “Cov” indicating the product's generic identity, the name "Coveroc" provided a strong connection between the brand's core functions and key attributes to create value for the end users.


Logo Design

Logo is the face of any brand and so it really needs to standout. After spending a great time carrying out brand related research, doing numerous logo sketches and making variations thereof, we came up with a balanced, two-color design style that suited the brand image and dared to be different.


Website Design

A custom website that reflects Coveroc’s brand image, easy to navigate through, great from a UX standpoint, and SEO friendly, were some of the objectives we kept in mind while developing the new site. It is fully functional, visually appealing and is created on Magento which is the best eCommerce platform available out there.

Brand Positioning

With the new design, logo, visuals, and website content, Coveroc shifted from generic to lifestyle brand category. The old brand was repositioned. And it’s now an emerging brand looking to gain a greater share of Canada’s safety apparel segment by providing supreme quality products and related services.



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