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BP Automation is a leading engineering solution provider in Canada and the USA. They specialize in manufacturing, repair, retrofit and maintenance of existing automation systems for small and large-scale businesses across Canada and the USA.

BP Automation sought our help with regards to branding and online promotion of their brands. Essentially they required us to develop a fully functional, modern website and execute a well-rounded online marketing and advertising strategy to promote their brand image among the target audience.

The Challenge

BP Automation has already had a business website but it lacked some important branding and user experience elements. The company approached us with the aim to rebuild the website so as to provide users with a more refined and holistic online experience. Primarily, we needed to work on the homepage to make it look visually appealing and organized in all respects. Then shift our focus on the inner pages to improve the site’s overall user experience, navigation, content organization, and call to action elements using creative design, persuasive content and rich media.



Information Architecture

We consolidated the pages to make the site’s navigation easier and cleaner by including primary, secondary and tertiary navigation menus and to improve Information architecture. We worked hand-in-hand with the client to plan, structure, and assemble the site to set standards and specifications for our conceptual model. This cooperation was necessary to produce a cohesive, coherent, and consistent experience for the website users.


Interface Design

Website users don’t just look at information, they interact with it in many novel ways. We understand how necessary it is to be well versed with the art and science of interface design. For BP Automation’s website, we ensured that normal users had explicit cues to the context of web pages they visit and the overall organization of the site. Understanding that the site will not have a standard display on different devices, we did ensure to optimize it in a way it became responsive across multiple platforms and devices. We also ensured that users don’t lack a sense of where they are within the focal organization of the content by using clear and consistent icons, page titles and headings, graphic identity schemes, and text-based overview.

On-Site SEO

For a successful organic presence, the site had to be fully fine-tuned for the search engines. We took care of every on-site SEO element right in the development phase. From html optimization to meta tags, image optimization, speed time, and web copy optimization, we fixed every on-page factor to make the site look user friendly and enticing for the SE bots. All this we did by strictly following the search engines’ SEO guidelines and keeping key user experience matrices in mind.



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